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In July, 2007, I was shopping for a business associate’s birthday, searching for that perfect gift: something business-related and functional, but FUN. I had recently purchased a file tote from an office supply store and thought it would be the perfect gift for my friend; but, when I went back to the store, there were none in stock. After two evenings of searching on the Internet for a similar product, I was unable to locate one. So, I filled my own tote with colorful tissue paper and pretty stationery supplies and gave it to my friend for her birthday.

A couple weeks later, she told me she LOVED using her new file tote! She was receiving so many compliments from friends who wanted one also. And I was really starting to miss having one of my own. That’s when Jamie Raquel, Inc. was born. I analyzed that tote, as well as researched other totes, bags and cases, and asked my friends for feedback. I noticed its flaws and features that were missing. I began working on a design by adding those few practical features and some much needed fashionable style. After a few return trips through design and production, the result was our Jamie Raquel File Tote.

We opened for business in July 2008 and the initial feedback we received was fantastic! Many said “thank you” because we’ve created for them the perfect accessory. Most say they’ve never seen anything like it. Some say there are a few similar products out there, but none with the Jamie Raquel quality, features and style. We couldn’t be more pleased.

Who is Jamie Raquel?

In 1997, I was pregnant with my fourth child. Because we already had three wonderful, energetic boys at home, I really wanted a little girl. At 20 weeks, an ultrasound technician told us we were having a girl. We were thrilled! My girlfriends treated me to a surprise dinner party and showered me with baby-girl clothes, blankets and goodies. Immediately, I chose her name: Jamie Raquel. She would be named after my husband Jamie and my mom Rachel.

One month before delivery, during another ultrasound, my doctor said the technician was incorrect; in fact, we were having another boy. I was devastated (I know it sounds selfish); and I stayed in bed crying for two days until my friend Sheri called to say “Enough!” She too had four sons and said I would LOVE being a mom to four boys. Through my tears, I told her I hadn’t even chosen a name for a son and had none in mind. Like any good friend would, she gave me one of hers. “Don’t worry about it,” she said. “Just name him Brandon, after my son.” And that’s exactly what I did. One month later, a gorgeous, blue-eyed Brandon James came into our lives.

And you know what? She was right! I’ve never experienced greater joy than being a mom to our four boys.

Now, this company is my baby, my Jamie Raquel.

Diana Peck


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